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Automatic Computing

Automatic Computing offers specialized network support services exclusively to the Vancouver-based Visual Effects & Animation sector.

Automatic started from the ground-up with no outside loans or investors... one client at a time. This has taught us a respect for each individual customer, their tight deadlines, their budget and their unique pipeline. This has given us the ability to focus on and recognize the specific needs of our clients and the demands of our industry. From outsource IT support to renderfarm setup to backup solutions, Automatic is your source for all your VFX support demands.

Our Pledge to Our Clients

Automatic will always make the greatest effort to provide high quality service while maintaining a strong commitment to honesty and integrity with our clients. Whether large corporate studio or a small specialized boutique, we view all our clients as business partners and we are genuinely concerned about your business and excelling your market presence to your clients through your body of work. Automatic has the experience and industry contacts to support your most important investment, your technology assets.

Visual Effects & Animation Support Services

Automatic's unique niche has enabled us to support many different types of VFX & Animation houses. From supporting specialized solutions such as Autodesk's full suite of high-end computing products to integrating Apple XSAN environments to practical daily scenarios such as monitoring your IT operations while your full-time systems administrator is on vacation. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind, a competitive edge and keep you running as smoothly as possible.
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